We encourage submission of high quality papers on the following general topics :


sociopreneurship, ecopreneurship, business model, ICT for business, product and service, production in business, operation in business, marketing in business, e-marketing in business, online trading, content for business, analytic for big data, digital behavior, ethics for business, transportation/delivery for business, resources for business, collaboration for business, policy for business, government regulation for business, intellectual property rights.


financial in business, risk trading, information system in accounting, control (audit) in business, payment (digital money) in business, e-tax, e-banking.


content for learning, approach for learning, resources for learning, process for learning, thinking in business, managing creative people, managing diversity, corporate entrepreneurship, social networks for business, evaluation for business performance, learning organization, CSR, and sustainability, talent and leadership development, entrepreneurial competencies for business, psychological aspect for business.

This forum is established to discuss the importance  of smart collaboration for business particularly the role of academics, business, government, and society to create overall growth and sustainability of the countries.  We invite the academics / practitioners / researchers / engineers/ students to join us and share the new innovative trends in their field. This common platform is expected to provide the bases for smart collaboration for business to serve the society and environment in a better way.

  • Exchange ideas and share experience in business at all levels with academics and best practitioners.
  • Build the networks that can help the participants to create smart collaboration in business and professionals.
  • To explore in depth understanding the role of academics, business, government, and society in creating overall growth and sustainability of countries.

All submitted abstracts/ papers will go through a blind peer review process and accepted manuscripts will be published in conference proceedings (No:978-602-73324-0-9) .

Selected conference papers will be published in special / regular issue of Scopus indexed Journal : Journal of General Management (No:0306-3070), International Journal of Economics and Management (No:1823-836X), The International Journal of Technology Management and Sustainable Development (No:2040-0551), International Journal of Technology Transfer and Commercialisation (No:1741-5284) and Google Scholar Indexed Journal : International Journal of Business and Administrative Studies (No:2414-3081). Associated journals will allocate a special / regular issue for papers submitted to this conference.

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