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This publication contains the papers that were presented at the 8th Sustainable Collaboration in Business, Technology, Information and Innovation 2017 (SCBTII 2017) held on July 20th, 2017 in  Prama Grand Preanger Hotel Bandung. This seminar was organized as the series of the 4th anniversary of Universitas Telkom.  Being a world-class university as the vision of Universitas Telkom brings consequences, one of them is to responsible for publishing research paper.

During the early stages, SCBTII 2017 has drawn a great deal of attention. At the time, the ball room packed to its full capacity of 150 people, while 70 other people had gathered in a separate room to follow parallel sessions.  Those present belonged to the circles of academics and economic society from Indonesia and abroad.

The present collection contains the papers of the seminar organized to offer a suitable context. The authors were invited for their up-to-date knowledge of the field. These contributions mainly centered around Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Economics; Digital-Based Management, and also, Accounting, Finance and Corporate Governance.

This encapsulates the presentation and the discussions that accompanied it. It owed much of its success to the active participation of speakers and participants. I also have to express a word of thanks to my colleagues at the Universitas Telkom, Ikatan Sarjana Ekonomi Indonesia and Ikatan Akuntan Indonesia who helped to organize the seminar and also to Universitas Galuh and Politeknik Negeri Bandung for your cooperation in SCBTII 2017.


The 7th SCBTII was held on 15 – 16 August 2016 and located on tourism district at the centre of Bandung City, Indonesia.

The theme that was brought forward was “Success through Synergy: Academics, Businesses, Communities, and Government”. Several research topics covered including Smart Commerce, Smart Finance & Accounting, and Smart Education. The Keynote Speech was delivered by leading academicians and practitioners such as Professor Teck Y. Eng (Southampton University) and Mr. Rudiantara (The Minister of Communication & Information of Indonesia)

Delivered By Professor Teck Y. Eng The 7th SCBTII was attended by 135 participants with 46 full papers that were being submited by researchers that came from 27 national and international institutions.

The 7th SCBTII also provide an angklung workshop that enthusiastically attended especially by International participants. This cultural event was managed by Saung Angklung Udjo at Bandung.

Due to our affiliation to and strong network with prominent ICT players in Indonesia, The 7th SCBTII was also sponsored by Telkom Indonesia, Telkomsel Indonesia, Telkom Sigma, and Finnet.



Following the success of the previous conferences, since 2009 the School of Economics and Business Telkom University is pleased to announce the Sixth International Conference “Seminar & Conference on Business & Technology in ICT Industry 2015′′ (SCBTII 2015) on 5-6 October 2015.

The seminar and conference theme is “Managing Business for Smart Economy“. The idea is to challenge the people to think and work smarter, generate new ideas and create a high- productivity economy with the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) innovations.

School of Economics and Business Telkom University (SEB Tel-U) is partnering with ADSKOM, Tech In Asia and EasyChair. ADSKOM is an advertising technology company with dedicated mission to empower digital advertising industry with programmatic advertising platforms and insightful business services. With technology and business team in Indonesia, Singapore and USA they strive to deliver effective digital advertising. TechinAsia is an online technology media company based across Asia and the USA. As a crew of journalists and bloggers with a culture and passion for new ways of delivering tech and startup news, they’ ve bonded together under one goal – to share with the world and regional audience the latest happenings in Asia’s tech and startup scene. EasyChair is a conference management system that is flexible, easy to use, and has many features to make it suitable for various conference models. It is currently probably the most commonly used conference management system. Through these partnerships, The 6th SCBTII 2015 initiates to expand the network utilization and improve technology utilization from all best World expertise to share the latest knowledge widely without any boundaries. In this context, ADSKOM and TechinAsia will lift up this Seminar and Conference to the international level. And with this partnership, SEB Tel-U will be able to build mindshare of it as an ICT focused university and has its own uniqueness.

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